NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders & Cleveland Browns Interested in Drafting Derek Carr

Derek Carr

There are a few teams looking to change their quarterback situation through the draft heading into the 2014 NFL season. Two of them, the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns, think that Derek Carr out of Fresno State is actually the one who can become a very successful player for them.

Before the combine and when the College Football season was over, the hot names were Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel. Things have changed a bit, as it seems Manziel has made himself new fans and haters at the same time, while the real high riser has been Carr.

Both the Browns and the Raiders have been linked with him, but more and more mock drafts have been putting him in the first round, while before March he was rarely included among the first 32 picks.

However, it’s not just his numbers from his senior season with the Bulldogs (4,866 yards, 48 TDs to just 7 INTs) that are helping him rise up the mocks. Carr is considered to be possibly the most accurate passer in this draft class, as long as it comes to the short to medium range. He’s not much of a deep ball thrower, but he has the arm strength to do it, only needing to improve his accuracy, timing and wider vision.

What has been more impressive for certain scouts is his composure and maturity. He might not be the most gifted athletically or physically of the prospects, but he just might be the most NFL-ready of the players to pick from in this draft, which is excellent news for both the Raiders and the Browns, who sees to be disappointed with their current prospects. Some have even compared him to Andrew Luck.

In short, Carr might not seem like the guy who’ll have the best career out of this draft class, but he just might the player who’ll get to start quicker than anyone else.

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