NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders & Cleveland Browns Interested in Signing Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb

The Green Bay Packers didn’t use the franchise tag on Randall Cobb, making him open to suggestions and offers from wide receiver needy teams, and the Oakland Raiders or the Cleveland Browns might be the favorites to land him.

Not because they’re such an attractive place to play at, but because of the money they can offer. The Raiders have $55 million to use on new signings, and with Derek Carr developing at quarterback, the Raiders need to start providing him with suitable targets. They didn’t have a single receiver top 700 yards last season, and the Raiders were second from the bottom in points scored last season, finishing with a 3-13 record.

The Browns actually weren’t that far from making the playoffs, but it had more to do with their defense and running game than what their quarterbacks delivered. Brian Hoyer wasn’t exactly starring in the role, and Johnny Manziel was more embarrassing than anything else in the short time he got to play. Andrew Hawkins was their leading receiver, but Cobb would easily become the #1 guy there if he signed.

But the thing about Cobb is that he might end up with the Packers eventually. The Packers don’t use the franchise tag every year, but they had no problem coming to an agreement with Sam Shields last season, signing him to a four-year, $39 million deal. Cobb was making rookie money until now, but entering his fifth season in the league, he’ll be looking for a much bigger payday which he deserves.

One thing to consider regarding Cobb is the Aaron Rodgers factor. Cobb surpassed 1000 receiving yards (1287) for the first time in his career last season, playing all 16 games, resulting in 12 touchdowns. But how much is it up to his skills, speed etc. and how much is up to Aaron Rodgers being the best quarterback in the NFL? We’ll learn last season is paying him a lot of money isn’t too much of a gamble.

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