NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Have Matt Flynn Leading Starting Quarterback Competition

For a second straight season, Matt Flynn arrived to a team with the expectations and probably promises of becoming a starter, only to find out there’s a little bit of competition for the starting quarterback position. With the Oakland Raiders, he finds Tyler Wilson and even Terrelle Pryor being the ones he has to beat.

But according to initial reports from the Radiers’ mini-camp, Flynn only has to worry about Wilson taking his starting job, if at all. Last season he lost it to Russell Wilson, who came out of nowhere in training camp to become the Seahawks’ starter and lead them into the playoffs. This year, Tyler Wilson is probably not going to be the root of unhappiness for Flynn.

Matt Flynn

So heading into training camp, it’s Flynn’s job to lose. But the addition of Tyler Wilson after being picked in the fourth round by the Raiders speaks more of how much they don’t have faith in Terrelle Pryor ever becoming starting QB material.

Pryor was was a 2011 third-round supplemental pick of Al Davis, but it seems the new regime isn’t really pleased to see Pryor as one of the team’s three quarterbacks. Pryor did get a chance to start late last season, but even during mini-camp, his throwing continues to flutter and be inconsistent, while his leadership skills and footwork aren’t going to be enough to make it in the NFL.

This puts Tyler Wilson in the position to become the number 2 guy. Taking him meant the Raiders aren’t really sure they want to see Pryor being in a position to play for them next season at all. Wilson right now is groomed to be Flynn’s backup, and possibly even replace him if things go south right from the start in 2013.

Flynn, despite their aura of success, not to mention a pretty big contract, has only two starts in his NFL career since entering the league in 2008. He has a big arm and one incredible game at the end of the 2011 season, but he’s not very experienced when it comes to game time, making it not all that surprising that on his first gig as a full-time starter for a team, he might show he’s not cut up for it.

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