NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Interested in Vince Young & Troy Smith

Vince Young

For now, it seems the Oakland Raiders do not want to use a draft pick on a quarterback who’ll probably serve as a backup to both Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor, so they shift their focus on a few more college stars who haven’t really made it in the NFL -Vince Young and Troy Smith.

While some still believe the Raiders will use their number three pick in the first round to grab a quarterback, with Geno Smith being the number one guy at the position at the moment, nothing from their visit invites suggests they’re actually looking at him or others to go so early in the draft.

With Flynn they have a player who has shown in his limited exposure that he can be quite an exciting option to start with, but the sample size is quite small, giving his selection as their number one guy a big risky label. Pryor? He has only one NFL start, not really showing a lot of fireworks in it.

So the Raiders want to add a bit more to their quarterback depth, with the market not offering too much in terms of quality. Vince Young used to be a guy who was on his way to NFL stardom, but something went wrong along the way. He lost the starting job with the Tennessee Titans despite a 30-17 record as a starter for the Titans, moving on to be Michael Vick’s backup in Philadelphia, not playing at all in 2012 and getting three starts in 2011. Like a lot of other players, he’s just hoping someone gives him a shot again.

Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy in 2006, but no one really believed in him and his pro prospects, so he dropped to the fifth round, and has been a bouncing backup ever since. He hasn’t done too badly in the few chances he’s had as a starter, coming up with a 4-4 record between 2007-2010, but he hasn’t been on an non-practice NFL squad in nearly three years. Maybe he’s just being overlooked for no good reason, but maybe he simply isn’t good enough to even be a backup in the NFL.

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