NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Might Start Derek Carr at Quarterback

Derek Carr

When the Oakland Raiders signed Matt Schaub they thought they’ve found themselves a starting quarterback, at least for the short term. However, his weak performances in preseason added to some very good ones from Derek Carr might mean that the rookie out of Fresno State will be getting the starting role eventually.

Schaub hasn’t been practicing due to a sore elbow at the moment, but it doesn’t seem to be something serious. Just tendinitis, which would explain his weak arm issues so far, and is also something that can be cured with the right amount of rest.

But remember – Schaub, who has quite a few good seasons with the Houston Texans behind him, is also the man whose interception problems and especially becoming a pick-six machine last season almost single handedly derailed the Texans’ season, ending with a 2-14 whimper.

Schaub played only 10 games last season, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time in his career since becoming a starter. He and the Texans parted ways, and he’s hoping to have some sort of rebound with the Oakland Raiders, but if preseason is anything to go on, his arm strength is shot and last year has clearly shaken him up to the point where he can’t be relied upon anymore.

So is Carr the other option? The answer? The Raiders aren’t going with Matt McGloin who is entering his second season in the league. Carr? He still seems like something of a long shot, but the option of giving him the keys to the Raiders’ offense doesn’t sound as far fetched as it might have sounded a few months ago.

Carr might be the Raiders’ best quarterback right now, and for an organization that is desperate to see some sign of progress towards an escape from over a decade of disappointing results, it’s tempting to go for the impressive rookie instead of a veteran that looks more and more like someone they shouldn’t have signed.

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