NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders & New York Jets Interested in Signing DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson

The intriguing tale of the Philadelphia and DeSean Jackson might end up with the wide receiver getting released from the team. If that is the case, the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets will be the two teams most likely to try and pick him up.

There’s no turning back. His $10 million salary and his behavior in the dressing room seems to have put the Eagles in a position where they no longer want to keep him. It might still be a trade, but if they’re not getting any offers they like, Jackson will be released despite having three more years on his deal.

Even though they will save money on the talented wide receiver, who had a record year with 1332 yards and 9 touchdowns, they’ll still be on the books for $6 million in dead money stemming from the pro-rated signing bonus in his extension before the 2012 season. Jackson isn’t going to allow the Eagles to restructure his deal, and why should he? He is more likely to being cut that way, which gives him 31 options to negotiate terms with instead of only the teams who offer a seductive trade package.

It seems the Eagles have quite a few reasons to be unhappy with Jackson. Asking for an extension and more money after losing to the Saints in the playoffs and altercations with staff and other players during a loss to the Vikings. There’s also the sense that his big numbers were because of Chip Kelly’s system, and they can get the same kind of production from other players who will cost them far less money and will cause them a lot less headaches.

So teams are waiting on the sidelines. We mentioned the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers in the past, but they don’t seem to have the cap space for this signing. Who does? The Jets and Raiders. The interesting option about these teams is Jackson working with quarterbacks that are also new to the teams: Michael Vick looks like a possible starter in New York and has been lobbying to bring Jackson over, while Matt Schaub in Oakland is also a move in a different direction.

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