NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Want Tyler Wilson to Compete With Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn Seahawks

The Oakland Raiders don’t believe that Terrelle Pryor can become a starting quarterback in the NFL, at least not this season. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have added Matt Flynn. But instead of showing full confidence in Flynn, they went ahead and draft Tyler Wilson (fourth round), which means they still aren’t too sure about the man they’ll put their trust in to take snaps behind center.

Flynn was brought over from the Green Bay Packers in 2012 to be the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, but Russell Wilson, a third round pick out of Wisconsin who didn’t get a lot of support from the experts regarding his NFL chances, came out as the winner from training camp and the starting position at hand. It ended in an 11-5 season, a postseason win before a dramatic loss and Wilson getting the Pepsi rookie of the year award, based on online fan voting.

Flynn was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2008 after an impressive college career with LSU. He started only twice during his career behind Aaron Rodgers, posting impressive numbers in both starts. Most agreed that if given the chance, Flynn should be quite a suitable choice for a starter on most teams, but so far, he’s hardly been given a chance to prove it.

After the Raiders got rid of Carson Palmer, the road was clear for Flynn to take over the starting position, joining the team along with quite a big contract from the Seahawks, who didn’t want such an expensive bench warmer, even if he might be the best insurance policy in the NFL for the most important position.

And still, heading into the preseason workouts and training camps, Flynn can’t help but feel a little bit unsafe about his chance of being a starter. Yes, Wilson, out of Arkansas, didn’t have the most amazing senior season, and is considered by quite a few to be too small for the position in the NFL. But they said the same thing about the other Wilson, Russell, which means that while Flynn is heading into training camp as the favorite to be the week 1 starter, things can take quite a turn in a very short time, and another guy with the last name Wilson will take the job that should have been his.

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