NFL Rumors – Patriots, 49ers, Panthers, Eagles, Jets, Ravens, Chargers, Vikings, Colts & Buccaneers Interested in Drafting Joe Dahl

Joe Dahl

In every draft there are players, not necessarily projected early picks, that get to visit or work out with about half the league. Joe Dahl, an offensive linemen out of Washington State, has either visited, worked out for or will for the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts & Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dahl is intriguing because he did very well for the Cougars in the last two seasons as a left tackle, allowing the team to play their pass-happy style without a lot of pressure coming. However, in 2013 he played on the inside as a left guard. Despite being an all-conference selection and All-American selection as well during his time on the outside, NFL teams are probably going to be trying to make him move to the inside again, and that might be the place where his future as an NFL player resides.

It’s not just his size that fits more the NFL guard build (6’4, 304 lbs). He’s not great when there’s acres of space around him and isn’t quick enough to consistently get to cut­off blocks. He sometimes looks sluggish when trying to change direction and isn’t as long as teams like to see from their left tackles.

But he’s tough, determined and intelligent. It might not be enough to make him into a starting left tackle, which is the most lucrative position in the NFL besides quarterback, but he’s probably good enough to start at guard for someone, and if his NFL future means he needs to be a backup offensive lineman who plugs holes, he’ll probably develop into a good one at that too.

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