NFL Rumors – Vikings, Patriots, Ravens, Dolphins & Lions Interested in Drafting Jake Rudock

Jake Rudock

One quarterback who is getting some surprising interest lately is Jake Rudock of Michigan, who has the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins looking into him.

Projected at best to be a 7th round pick, Rudock has already worked out for everyone on the list but the Dolphins, who he’s scheduled to meet later this week. Rudock was a starter for two years in Iowa before transferring to Michigan. He had a career-best season with the Wolverines, completing 64% of his passes for 3017 yards, 20 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He also ran for 166 yards in four touchdowns, but no one is showing slight interest in him due to his running ability.

Rudock caught something of a break he got to play for Jim Harbaugh, which meant playing in a pro-style offense. This also means NFL coaches have a better reference point to see what he can do in a pro scheme, and unlike other college coaches he had (transferred to Michigan from Iowa), they can see the value in him thanks to his accuracy and ability to run the play action well. He does have an average arm in terms of strengths and has a lot to work on when it comes to the more complicated throws, but he does a good job when not asked to do too much.

Just to keep you aware. When we and others say interested, it means considering the player on their shortlist, including the 7th round, or even if he goes undrafted. No one in the NFL is thinking of Jake Rudock as a starting quarterback now, two years down the line or maybe longer than that. But his finish to the 2015 season and a strong performance at the Michigan pro day give him a shot of being a late pick on the final day of the draft, as some teams see some potential and value in him, even if it’s just as a backup. Some players have to start somewhere.

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