NFL Rumors – Percy Harvin Wants to Be Traded by the Minnesota Vikings

It’s no secret that there’s isn’t too much love at the moment between Percy Harvin and the Minnesota Vikings, but not a lot has been coming out about the feud between the sides. It doesn’t change the fact that Harvin wants out now, despite being under contract for the 2013 season.

The Vikings managed to get over the injury that kept Harvin off the team for the second half of the season by going to Adrian Peterson, while Christian Ponder struggled with the passing game. It worked, as Peterson nearly set a new NFL record for rushing yards and the Vikings made it into the postseason.

In the nine games he did play, Harvin had 677 yards on 62 catches, scoring 3 touchdowns. Even without playing half of the season, he was the team’s leading receiver, and was on pace to have his biggest season yet in the NFL after being a first round pick by the Vikings in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Guess what – the Vikings don’t want to trade him, despite Harvin being quite clear about not wanting to be on the team in 2013.¬†General manager Rick Spielman has long said that he won’t trade the wide receiver, with a contract in 2013 and a franchise tag option for later. If the problem is money for Harvin, the Vikings are $16 million under the salary cap, and have the chance to give him a raise after he was making $2.8 million in 2012.

Whether or not it’s about money or simply looking to play for a different team in a different city, most people seem to think that even if Harvin isn’t traded by the time the first work out of the season begin on April 22, he won’t be arriving to take part in those practices.

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