NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Might Re-Sign Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

In 2014, Mark Sanchez proved he still has a place as a quarterback for an NFL team, maybe even as a starter. He was good enough to being regarded as the best quarterback of this free agency class while possibly getting a chance to re-sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Are the Eagles interested? They seem to be, although there are a lot of rumors flying around. One thing is clear: Nick Foles, despite missing half the season and not playing all that well when he was healthy, is the starter right now. The Eagles might “break the bank” and try to trade up for Marcus Mariota, but that seems a bit unlikely and too risky of a move, the kind of move that gets a coached fired in the middle of the season if things don’t go so well.

There’s also the talk about Jake Locker, who has been a big disappointment since entering the NFL, coming over and fitting in better in a system that will utilize his physical skills. Again, if he does arrive, it’s only as a backup. And so will Sanchez, but his past as a starting quarterback and presence will obviously raise questions.

Sanchez started in eight games last season for the Eagles (4-4), completing a career high 64.1% of his passes for 2418 yards, throwing 14 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. He averaged a career high in passing yards per game (268.1), passer rating (88.4) and QBR (58.24). There’s no doubt the Eagles’ offensive system helps generate “lying” numbers, but Sanchez performed adequately in the situation. The Eagles didn’t miss the playoffs because of him.

It doesn’t seem there’s one team in the NFL willing to look at him and see an immediate starter; not right now. But after the draft things might change. Right now there seem to be only two automatic starters heading into the draft: Mariota and Jameis Winston. Not all the quarterback-needy teams are going to get them, obviously, and maybe then Sanchez, if he’s still available, might look a bit more attractive as an option at starter, or at least compete for the starting position.

But maybe Sanchez prefers to be in a system he knows and thrived in (it’s all relative of course), so even if it doesn’t promise him a starting spot, the Eagles might still be the best option out there for him.

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