NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles NOT Signing Tim Tebow Right Now

Tim Tebow

The fact that Tim Tebow has been working out for the Philadelphia Eagles is cause for celebration or concern for fans but for now, it doesn’t seem like the NFC East team is going to sign the hopeful yet unemployed (as an NFL player, that is) quarterback.

Visiting with a team doesn’t mean a player is signing. Working out for a team doesn’t mean a team is signing a player. Those actions are great for the rumor mill which generates interest, buzz and clicks if you’re writing about it on a website, but a lot of times it’s a visit, nothing more. This is how the offseason works. People want to know about what their teams are doing, and the media supplies it, obviously putting a certain touch on some stories in order to make them seem more appealing.

Tim Tebow, despite not starting an NFL game as a quarterback since the 2012 season, is still a big name in American football. Not just because of his face being on ESPN for SEC games. He has this hold over public domain that’s sometimes difficult to understand or explain. Regardless, a chance for him to come back to the NFL is big news.

Tebow has never hid the fact that despite being more or less pushed out of the league and being told that he’s never going to be a good enough quarterback, his dream is to still play QB for some team, even if it’s on the bench. He never actually failed as a quarterback, using his less than traditional style to lead the Broncos into the playoffs in 2011.

But Tebow, as of now, isn’t signing with anyone. The workout with the Eagles, who seem to have their pick of quarterbacks, including Mark Sanchez who was Tebow’s teammate/competition with the Jets in 2012. Tebow and his personal trainer, allegedly responsible for Tebow fixing his terrible throwing motion that put so many people off of him over the last couple of seasons, are simply trying to show the world that he’s back, and looking for offers.

Will Tebow get a job with an NFL team as a player? A quarterback? Hard to say. Odds are stacked against him. While he was out, more quarterbacks have been added to the huge pool of players, many of them struggling to hold on to a third-string job. Tebow has been out of the game, and his refusal to change positions which could have saved him a spot on an NFL roster two years ago might keep denying him a role for some team in this league.

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