NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Trying to Trade Evan Mathis

Evan Mathis

Despite being a first team All-Pro selection for the past three seasons, Evan Mathis seems to be on the trading block for the Philadelphia Eagles, who are looking to get younger and cheaper in pretty much every position, which includes their offensive line.

Some might say that Mathis had his best season ever in 2013. Mathis isn’t making big money compared to over successful offensive linemen in the league: He’s due to make $5.15 million next season, $5.5 million in 2015 and $6 million in 2016. Most would regard him as a top 3 guard in the NFL, so what’s the rush?

This isn’t just about showing to players that everyone is expendable in Chip Kelly’s system. It’s about showing to players seeking pay raises that the Eagles aren’t about to be forced into them. Mathis is reportedly asking to get paid more money, and the Eagles aren’t about to let that happen, prefer seeing if there is someone out there that is willing to take on a 32-year old guard, a great one at that, that thinks he is underpaid.

The Eagles have around $17 million in cap space. They didn’t sign any offensive linemen in free agency. They went after two safeties (Malcolm Jenkins, Nate Allen) and a running back, Darren Sporoles. They seem to have no problem dealing away Pro Bowlers seeking more money, as is the case with DeSean Jackson, who seems like he’s out the door, via being cut or via a trade. Releasing Mathis is going to cost them $3 million in dead money.

Is there anyone the Eagles might have their eyes on? There are no guards looking like definite first round picks, but maybe the Eagles have their eyes on Gabe Jackson coming out of Mississippi State or possibly David Yankey from Stanford, although they are borderline first round picks at best.

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