NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Want to Draft Geno Smith

Despite knowing pretty much who will be their starting quarterback next season and having a total of five on the roster, the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t done yet, planning on drafting Geno Smith if their trade and draft plans work out.

Smith has been working out in front of head coach Chip Kelly, GM Howie Roseman and owner Jeffrey Lurie, which means this is more than just mere interest. Smith doesn’t have impressive rushing numbers from his days with West Virginia, but he can run when needed and there’s is less of a doubt about his arm after throwing for over 4000 yards on his last couple of seasons.

Michael Vick is going to be the opening day starter unless something very weird happens in training camp, not to mention an injury which is very likely in Vick’s case. The other players fighting for the position are Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon, Trent Edwards and recently signed G.J. Kinne. Not all of them fit the mold Chip Kelly wants from his quarterbacks, and Vick is going to stay for just one season according to the proceedings so far.

Smith might not get a chance to start in the first season, but if he does impress in these personal workouts, the Eagles might see in him the future quarterback of the franchise under Chip Kelly, being the man who can run his new, NFL-style offense.

People believe that the Eagles are looking for QB needy teams to try and trade up to the Eagles’ number 4 spot or maybe even higher and actually go for Smith, which will leave one of the prospects they actually want, using Smith merely as a decoy, still on the board. It’s unlikely that anyone will take Smith in the first half of the first round, but rumors spreads fast around the NFL, and a trend to actually go for him of another quarterback that impressed anyone else might change the entire way the first round of the draft eventually looks like.

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