NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Will Sign Tim Tebow If They Trade Matt Barkley

Tim Tebow

Weird as it sounds, Tim Tebow might actually be a quarterback in the NFL next season or at least heading into training camp, with the Philadelphia Eagles trying to find a trading partner that takes Matt Barkley for them and opens up a third-stringer spot accommodating Tebow.

A¬†Heisman winner and two-time BCS champion with Florida and later a quarterback for the Broncos and something else for the New York Jets (no one knows for sure), Tebow worked out for the Eagles as he’s trying to resurrect his NFL career which hit a wall in 2012 after one season with the New York Jets. Working with a trainer to improve this throwing and overall quarterback skills, it seems Tebow is once again having a go at becoming a quarterback.

Rumors suggest that Tebow has indeed looked much better in his 2015 version. Remember, he earned a spot on the Patriots roster but was cut before the beginning of the season not too long ago. He has been working for the SEC network and doing a very good job as an analyst, but he hasn’t given up on his dream to play once more in the NFL, and playing as a quarterback is the only thing he’s interested in.

Barkley, coming out of USC, hasn’t really been able to impress in his opportunities. He hasn’t started a game yet for the team, but with quarterback injuries probably leaving him an opening to start or at least play a little bit more, it might be a sign of how little faith Chip Kelly has in him that he had just one passing attempt last season. The Eagles have Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, but Barkley isn’t part of some development plan for the future.

The question remains is whether or not Barkley has any takers? Before he decided to stay for his senior season at USC, some thought he had the potential to be a number one pick. His numbers in the NFL certainly don’t merit giving him an opportunity, but maybe on a different team with a different set of development, coaching and system he might have the opportunity to shine. It’ll also open up the slot for Tebow to move into, and defy what many people thought was a certainty: That Tim Tebow will never be on an NFL team’s roster ever again.

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