NFL Rumors – Pittsburgh Steelers Interested in Ahmad Bradshaw

One of his best seasons with the New York Giants didn’t help keep Ahmad Bradshaw on the team, with the recurring injuries to his feet being the main reason why they decided to let go of the running back. A team that seems to fit very well to his talents with their own needs are the Pittsburgh Steelers, first on the list for the player as well.

Coming off his fifth foot injury since entering the NFL in 2007, Bradshaw has only now removed the boot off his foot, getting ready to start paying some visits to NFL teams, who weren’t really humming like bees around him, trying to get his attention. It’s no surprise due to his injury-proneness¬†and questions around his ability to take a heavy load in an offense that’s run-oriented, something the Steelers are trying, slightly, to get back to next season.

Why? Ben Roethlisberger shows time and time again how good of a passer he is. But with his improvement, the Steelers steered away from what made them so successful – punishing offensive line, punishing running game, orchestrated by Roethlisberger, instead of him taking the team into another direction, which possibly glorifies him as a quarterback, but doesn’t bring with it too many wins. Something¬†similar, but still different because of the circumstances to what the Patriots sometimes seem to be dealing with in Tom Brady’s stardom.

Bradshaw was mostly used as a kick returner during his first two seasons in the league, but began contributing much more as his career progresses, running for 1235 yards in the 2010 season and bouncing back from a terrible 2011 (that did end with a Super Bowl ring) in 2012, going for 1015 yards in 14 games, although it wasn’t enough to get the Giants into the postseason.

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