NFL Rumors: Cowboys, Dak Prescott, Mark Sanchez & Quarterback Mentoring

As the NFL regular season is about to come to a close, the Dallas Cowboys have an interesting dynamic between their quarterbacks. Tony Romo seems to be an ice unless a catastrophe happens, while Marks Sanchez isn’t just the first-in-line backup to Dak Prescott; he’s also the one taking on the role of mentor.

Sanchez was never going to be a starter for the Cowboys, so he hasn’t really taken it to heart that Prescott took over the QB1 slot, and has done so with incredible success, leading the Cowboys to a 13-2 regular season so far. Tony Romo is the one who feels left out. A starter who was injured in preseason, and once he came back to playing form (although he might still be injured, it’s not quite clear), he realized his place has been taken, and it might be time for him to think of a different team.

Dak Prescott, Mark Sanchez

And that’s why Sanchez seems to be the one who is closer to Prescott. Romo does seem happy for Dak on the sidelines, but there’s a very good shot Sanchez, who is with one leg out of this league as no one will sign him as a starter again, is providing most of the veteran help, just like Prescott said, per the tweet.

And he should listen to him. Sanchez’ career began with two trips to the AFC championship game in his first two years, but he hasn’t been able to lead a team into the playoffs since, slowly losing his credibility as a starter. He knows very well what it means to enjoy the moment. It also reminds me of something Dwyane Wade after the Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA championship, Wade’s 2nd. He said that after winning the title in 2006, he didn’t think it would take him that long to get to that position again, and he didn’t appreciate that early success as much as he should. Prescott still hasn’t won anything, but he’s having a historic season for a rookie quarterback, on the Cowboys and in the NFL in general. Even if this season doesn’t end with a Super Bowl ring, he has every reason to be happy with what he’s accomplished in such a short time.