NFL Rumors – Randy Moss Very Picky About His Next Team

Randy Moss

It’s not quite clear if Randy Moss actually wants to play another game in the NFL, but if he does, it’s only going to be for the perfect team presenting him with the perfect situation, whatever that means.

In 2012 after taking a year off (retiring and not surprising anyone when he came back), Moss pretty much took the first offer he got, signing with the San Francisco 49ers. Even though he almost won his first Super Bowl ring, he wasn’t pleased with his role on the team, finishing the season with 28 receptions for 434 yards and three touchdowns. He never caught more than 4 passes in one game, and didn’t catch a single touchdown pass in the playoffs.

Moss isn’t ruling out making a return to the NFL, but it would take the right combination of quarterback, role, compensation, and prospects for contending. Only a handful of teams would be considered suitable for his criteria, and there doesn’t seem to be any real interest in him, which might mean that his second retirement will be a final one.

Teams are starting to lose players to injuries, as training camp always being with quite a few season-ending collisions for certain players. Free agents that haven’t been picked up might get a better opportunity all of a sudden to actually find a team, but most wouldn’t be very picky, unlike Moss.

The 36 year-old should be a lock for the hall of fame on his first vote, and will be eligible for the 2018 induction class if he doesn’t sign with another team next season. He has played in 14 NFL seasons, catching 982 passes for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns throughout his career. He made the Pro Bowl six times (the last of which in 2007) and was a first team All-Pro four times, also appearing on that selection in 2007 for the last time.

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