NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Might Have Philip Rivers For Just One More Season

Philip Rivers

The San Diego Chargers have Philip Rivers locked up for just one more season, 2015. Beyond that? With so many rumors and uncertainties regarding the future of the franchise, it might also be the last for the quarterback with the only team he’s ever played for.

The talk about the Chargers moving to Los Angeles in 2016 are the biggest catalyst in this, but don’t neglect Rivers trying to get some leverage in the upcoming negotiations about extending his contract, if he’ll actually get these going. Rivers has been with the Chargers since 2004, and a starter for them since 2006. His family is based quite well in San Diego. It’s hard realizing that you’re going to have to move them.

Talking to UT San Diego, Rivers said this: What I can control and all I know as of today, I am signed up for one more year. I guess things could change, but with all the uncertainty in many aspects, I don’t see it changing before camp gets here, and when camp gets here I’m even more certain to play it out. What we’ve established here with my growing family is hard to recreate. It’s hard to up and recreate that. I know that moves are part of life. But that certainly is fair to say that (not being sold on moving to Los Angeles) is part of it. The good thing is I’m not under contract in a year where we’d potentially be in Los Angeles.

Other things factor in, obviously. The money he’s offered. The kind of team he gets to lead. The people coaching him. San Diego and Los Angeles aren’t that far away from each other. If Rivers actually signs with a different NFL team, he’ll have to make his family move to places much further away.

Rivers has started in 144 consecutive games for the Chargers, the second longest streak behind Eli Manning. He has a career passer rating of 95.7, throwing 252 touchdown passes and 122 interceptions, completing 64.7% of his throws for 36,655 yards.

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