NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Wowed by Jarryd Hayne, Disappointed With Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

The good news for the San Francisco 49ers? The defense looks sharp despite the massive turnover in talent during the offseason, while Jarryd Hayne remains impressive in the running game and his returns. The bad news is that Colin Kaepernick is playing worse and worse with every game that goes by.

The 49ers did beat the Dallas Cowboys 23-6, but there were no offensive touchdowns. Three field goals, one pick six by Mike Purcell, a practice-squad player in 2013 and for all but the final two games last season, who played very well last week also, and one blocked punt resulting in a Quinton Patton touchdown.

Kaepernick? He completed completed 2-of-5 passes for 13 yards, sacked once for a 14-yard loss and ran for nine yards in his two series of play, facing offensive line problems and his receivers making mistakes, especially Torrey Smith, who has a lot riding on his ability this season.

Hayne might not get warm endorsements from his head coach, trying to cool the hype, but it’s hard ignoring his talent to make something of open spaces. He didn’t have any 53-yard runs, but he returned three punts for 84 yards and rushed 8 times for 54 yards. It’s only preseason and Hayne himself says he needs to do better, but it’s looking good for him in terms of making the 53-man roster.

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