NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Interested in Sean Smith

Recent moves made by the San Francisco 49ers haven’t taken care of possibly their biggest need this off-season: Improving their secondary situation, and the direction they might take is going after Sean Smith of the Miami Dolphins.

Some say that after the Seattle Seahawks added Percy Harvin, the 49ers become even more in need of a secondary improvement, that might not involve trading one of their 14 draft picks for Darrelle Revis or for anyone else, but will involve the team diving into free agency and look for the answer there, not to mention the chance of losing Dashon Goldson the same way.

The biggest factor regarding Smith, coming off for seasons with the Dolphins, making $4 million in the last of them, will be the money. Smith is turning into a quiet yet very efficient shut down corner, who doesn’t get many interceptions to his name, but teams have been throwing less and less towards him. However, he knows his worth, and is probably looking for a deal that will pay him $20 million for the next three seasons, and at age 25 that seems more than reasonable.

The main idea with Smith is his size (6’3, 215 pounds), trying to emulate, a little bit at least, the formula that worked pretty well for the Seattle Seahawks last season by building a huge and physical secondary. The 49ers had a lot of problems in the postseason, both against the Falcons and the Ravens, handling wide receivers like Julio Jones and Anquan Boldin (no longer a problem, eh?) who doesn’t present a speed issue, but a size one.

Again, it’s a money issue – The 49ers don’t want to invest too much in Smith, but might have to if their trade innuendos for Revis while their negotiations with Goldson don’t work out, Smith (a second round pick in 2009) suddenly becomes the best option available to them, although there are other suitors for his services.

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