NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks & Arizona Cardinals Trying to Sign Amini Silatolu

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One of the less mentioned offensive linemen who is also a free agent is Amini Silatolu, who seems to be replacing the Carolina Panthers with either the Seattle Seahawks or the Arizona Cardinals.

Both the Cards and the Seahawks are in the market for offensive line help and depth. However, the Cardinals are aiming for big names usually (while missing out on them). The Seahawks, who don’t have much to spend either ($8.6 million) are aiming a little bit lower, and would like to rebuild the protection around Russell Wilson through less extravagant means, if there is such a player left at all to sign.

From a four-year perspective, Silatolu is something of a disappointment. He was a second round pick by the Panthers in 2012 coming out of Midwestern State, and after starting 15 games for Carolina his rookie year, his career kinda took a nosedive. Injuries, bouncing back badly and overall poor form has led him to play just 18 times in the three seasons that followed, including 8 times in 2015 with three starts, but once again being unable to avoid the injury reserve designation at one point.

He had $4.9 million coming his way when he signed the four-year rookie deal in 2012. Now, he’s probably happy just remaining in the NFL, hoping someone out there needs and often injured left guard who was once a promising prospect.

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