NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Closest to Getting Antoine Winfield

Antoine Winfield Vikings

Despite a strong interest from the Washington Redskins, it seems Antoine Winfield isn’t content with signing in the nation’s capital or returning to the team that released him, the Minnesota Vikings, with the Seattle Seahawks offering him a contract he’s more than likely to sign.

Winfield, 36, was surprised, like many others, to find out he was being released by the Vikings last month It turns out it wasn’t such a bad career move, even if he wasn’t the one to make it. Despite not being at the Pro Bowl level he was between 2008 and 2010, Winfield is still a very reliable defensive back, especially when used on the third and fourth wide receivers, keeping him fresh and rested instead of an every down kind of guy.

The Seahawks do have one of the more impressive starting duos at corner back with Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, combining for 11 interceptions last season. The problem was the depth, as no other Seattle cornerback contributed any to the team total. This should make Winfield quite useful in the nickel and dime packages, used to cover the slot receiver when necessary.

Winfield, a 14-year veteran, first paid a visit to the Washington Redskins last week, but after getting quite a few faxes and phone calls to his agent, realized that there’s no rush signing with anyone, knowing he’s quite in demand. The Redskins haven’t given up on him, but have re-signed DeAngelo Hall, which might have pushed Winfield a bit away from them, into the arms of the Seattle Seahawks, who in a way-too-early review of team strengths look like the more likely Super Bowl contender of the two teams.