NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Contemplating Keeping Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor

What a turn around for Terrelle Pryor, who entered last season as a starting quarterback, but is now hoping that the Seattle Seahawks will actually keep him on their roster going into the new season, even as a third quarterback.

Pryor is an example of how exceptional physical gifts and the ability to run as a quarterback doesn’t really mean much if the passing skills are way below sub par. Pryor did complete 57.4% of his passes last season for the Raiders but once again threw more interceptions than touchdowns, as one of every 25 passes he let fly out of his hand ended up in the wrong set of hands. Eventually, he lost his starting spot to Matt McGloin, not exactly the most impressive of quarterback names.

Over the last two seasons, excellent years for the Seahawks, they’ve gone into the season with only two quarterbacks. Russell Wilson was the starter in both. Matt Flynn, who played very briefly for the Raiders last season, was his backup in the 2012 season. In 2013 it was Tarvaris Jackson, and at the moment it seems like he’s not going to lose his place to either Pryor or B.J. Daniels, who’ll remain on the practice squad.

Pryor impressed with a 44-yard touchdown run in the preseason win against the Chargers. But that’s not new. When it comes to making plays on his feet, Pryor just might be the best out of all the quarterbacks in the league, including Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick. His throwing? Far less impressive, completing only 1-of-4 passes for 10 yards. Not exactly the impression he was going for.

Pryor turned 25 last June, still a young quarterback who is developing. He has only 15 NFL games under his belt, 10 of them starts. Injury concerns? There were concussions last season, which come from his playing style, but also from an awful offensive line he had protecting him for the Raiders. He had some quite magical moments, leading them to three wins last season, but that was mostly due to his ability to run the ball, rushing for 576 yards, just under seven per carry.

If Pryor doesn’t make it into this team, he’ll have to start waiting for roster spots to become available around the league. The road towards an NFL exit is clear, which makes the next decision the Seahawks make, regarding keeping Pryor on as their third quarterback or deciding that the roster spot deserves to go elsewhere, probably the most important decision regarding what’s left of Pryor’s career in the NFL.

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