NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Have to Start Improving Their Passing Game

Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks might be coming out of their horrendous start thanks to the defense getting its mojo (and Kam Chancellor again), but with the passing game in this condition, which means relying on Russell Wilson improvisations a lot of the time, this isn’t going to be a very easy season.

The Seahawks (2-2, winning two in a row) have the 19th offense overall in the NFL, but are just 27th in the league with 218 passing yards per game. They do run the ball rather well, but it does seem like it’s getting harder and harder for Marshawn Lynch to carry the offense on his back half of the time, next to Wilson, who has been struggling as well this season on a number of fronts.

It begins with the offensive line. It always does. Wilson has been sacked 18 times so far this season, tied for the lead in the NFL. He does have a 100.5 passer rating (11th in the league) and is completing 71.7% of his passes, but the Seahawks can’t get the ball downfield. Wilson doesn’t have time to find someone open unless his scramble works, the quality of receivers is quite poor at the moment and the addition of Jimmy Graham hasn’t been working, with the Seahawks struggling to get him the ball and involve him as much as they’d like.

The Seahawks aren’t the team we saw in the first two weeks losing twice, but their wins haven’t been too convincing (the Bears aren’t an indication of anything) and if it wasn’t for a huge official mistake in their favor in the 13-10 win over the Detroit Lions, they’d be under the pressure of being 1-3 probably, which would increase the pressure and the negative media circus around the team.

But with all the things that haven’t been going well for the Seahawks, they are 2-2, and not in a division with someone running away from them (Cardinals are 3-1). They’re a team that’s been to the Super Bowl two years in a row, with what is still one of the best defenses in the NFL, and a very good head coach who usually knows what to do in order to fix things that can be. This offensive line isn’t going to be great regardless of internal changes being made, but the Seahawks are probably going to look better, in the passing game and overall.

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