NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Interested in Tyler Thigpen & Matt Leinart

Now that the Seattle Seahawks got rid of their expensive backup quarterback, it’s time to find another one, who might be able to fill their needs in read-option expertise a little bit better in case something happens to Russell Wilson. One option is Tyler Thigpen, due to his running skills and experience in that kind of offense, while the other is the almost forgotten about Matt Leinart, due to his connections with Pete Carroll.

Thigpen has spent the last couple of seasons as the backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, never starting a game, getting a chance to throw 13 passes. His only season as a starter was in 2008 with the Kansas City Chiefs, going 1-10, throwing for 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, while slightly impressing with his ability to run the ball, rushing for 386 yards and 3 touchdowns on 62 carries that season.

While he isn’t exactly the greatest passer in the world and his inferiority to Russell Wilson in pretty much every aspect of the game, Thigpen does provide a decent option as cover up for Wilson, knowing how to play in a read-option system, and is currently the leading candidate to become his backup among the shortlist the Seahawks have for the position.

A more surprising, shall we say, alternative option as well is Matt Leinart, who had one heck of a College Football career under Pete Carroll at USC, but hasn’t really been breaking new ground in the NFL, getting to start in only 18 games since entering the league in 2006. His starting record of 8-10 isn’t that bad, which might suggest he still hasn’t been given ample opportunities to lead a team, but his touchdown-interception record tells something else (15-21).

Leinart was the backup for the Raiders last season, throwing a total of 33 passes. If the Seahawks decide Thigpen and others aren’t good enough and forget about drafting someone in the lower rounds, like they did with Wilson (3rd) in 2012, than maybe Leinart’s connection to the head coach will come into play and land him a backup’s role.

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