NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks & Kam Chancellor Both Losers in Holdout

Kam Chancellor

There are no winners in the Seattle Seahawks vs Kam Chancellor holdout saga. Two losses that might have been avoided, and a lot of lost money for one of the best safeties in the game.

Chancellor appears to be motivated and happy to come back. There hasn’t been any news of the Seahawks giving in to his demands, which would mean that Chancellor has picked up over $2 million in fines and missed over $500,000 in game checks for holding out since August 10. But some things, especially economic things, tend to happen below the surface.

The Seahawks appear to have been strong and firm with their stance: No renegotiating deals that have more than one season on them. Giving in to Chancellor, even if he is one of the team’s most important players, would mean that every player slightly disappointed with their deal, even if it was signed a minute or two ago, can start bending the team.

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But is Chancellor coming back to nothing? Realizing the error of his ways? There probably is something the Seahawks are giving back to him. Who knows, maybe even some of that money he was asking for upfront. More likely that they’re going to forget about most of the fine money.

As for the season? The Seahawks have a lot of catching up to do. Losing by three points in St. Louis (overtime) and by 10 points in Green Bay is reasonable, but when it happens on back to back weeks, it has a stronger impact. More negativity in the air. Chancellor not playing wasn’t the only thing wrong for the team since the season began, but his return could help put the team back on track.

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