NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks & New England Patriots Could be Great Enemies, But They’re Not

Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, despite being in separate conferences, can have one hell of a rivalry going on, but Richard Sherman, the man with the biggest and loudest mouth of all, prefers keeping things cordial and not bash the Pats for alleged (or proven) cheating like everyone seems to do.

The Seahawks beating the Patriots in the regular season not too long ago had a lot more fire and animosity to it than the relationship between the team does now. Last year’s Super Bowl did come with a mini-brawl at the end, but there doesn’t seem to be some lingering resentment. Sherman wouldn’t have been mildly happy to see Brady getting his suspension lifted, although he couldn’t help but suggest the Patriots do some stuff that they’re not supposed to.

Everybody does their things a little differently, but at the end of the day, it’s handled between the lines. And if they man up and they beat you straight up, they beat you straight up. You can say they knew your plays or they watched this or they watched that, but a lot of times if you watch film good enough, you find good indicators. You find things. So if you’re studying the game the right way, you go out there understanding what plays are coming, and you know when the plays are coming. But can you execute? Can 11 guys stop the other 11 from executing their play? And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about. You can say you stole scripts or whatever it is, but they still have to win the game. They still have to intercept the ball. They still have to execute. Eleven guys have to execute at the same time. And that’s what they did, so give them credit. If there’s hanky-panky going on, they’ve gotten away with it. Like they say, if you didn’t get caught, then it wasn’t cheating.

The most memorable moment from last season’s Super Bowl is the Russell Wilson interception on the Seahawks’ final play, and Sherman’s face on the sidelines. You’d think he’d be filled with hard feelings. But the Patriots beat the Seahawks fair and square and Sherman can’t hold that against them. Maybe if there was some controversy regarding that game, he’d be feeling different. With the way things usually turn out for the Patriots, don’t be surprised that in a few years something new about this game will get dug up and brought to the light of day.

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