NFL Rumors – New York Giants Interested in Signing Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks Not Interested in Trading Him

Kam Chancellor

While Kam Chancellor continues to hold out on the Seattle Seahawks and lose money, the New York Giants have been enquiring, trying to see if there’s an opening to somehow make a trade for the safety. The Seahawks, at the moment, aren’t interested.

The Giants aren’t the only team, it seems, that has approached the Seahawks regarding Chancellor. However, the Seahawks aren’t open to a trade, even if one of their recent moves, sending a fifth round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for Kelcie McCray, means they’re adding depth to Chancellor’s position.

The Seahawks and Chancellor aren’t getting anywhere, as he has three more seasons on his deal and the Seahawks don’t open up contracts with more than one year left on them. But while Chancellor is losing a lot of money each day and it’s already come to around $1 million since he began his holdout, the Seahawks have no intention on breaking up such a successful safety tandem and secondary.

It’s believed that Chancellor will make a stand and show his resolve by missing week 1, and then come back to the field. The Seahawks, in return, will give him more guaranteed money for 2016 and forget about 70% (more or less) of the fine money they deserve. Some have even mentioned adding a year to his contract. There’s just too much to lose for both sides to take this all the way: Holding out indefinitely for Chancellor, ignoring him completely for the Seahawks.

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