NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks & New York Jets Interested in Signing C.J. Spiller

C.J. Spiller

Despite thinking about re-signing with the Buffalo Bills, it’s more likely that C.J. Spiller will be playing somewhere else in the 2015 NFL Season, with the Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets looking like pretty solid destinations.

The explosive running back had a bad 2014. He played in just nine games and ran for 300 yards and catching 19 passes for 125 yards, finishing with just one touchdown. Even if it was mostly about his injury and shaking it off, the change in offensive systems and personnel is quietly hinting to Spiller that no one is counting on his ability in the open anymore, and the Bills aren’t too eager to re-sign him.

But Spiller, heading into his sixth NFL season, has more than just something to give. In 2012 and 2013 he ran for a combined 2177 yards. In 2012 he finished with over 1700 yards from scrimmage, and is considered to be one of the better pass-catching running backs in the NFL.

The New York Jets have Chan Gailey as their offensive coordinator, the man who was the OC for the Bills during Spiller’s best season in 2012, which as usual, highlights a possible connection and move. The Jets can use about any help they can get at every possible position, so it’s hard to not even consider this option.

But there’s also the Seattle Seahawks, who like to get creative with some of their skill players on offense. Sure, Marshawn Lynch is as straightforward as you can get, but Percy Harvin not lasting the entirety of his contract doesn’t mean they’ve given up on players who can be used in a variety of ways and are quite explosive in the open field.

Maybe putting Spiller in a situation where he doesn’t have too many touches but is moved around in the backfield and along the line could somewhat create a new niche and vigor to his career. Carroll is a good enough coach to find a way to use him in more than just backing up Lynch.

Spiller is going to find a team, but with running backs not being the hottest position right now in the NFL, he might have to try and highlight his passing skills and speed in the open field to get the job and money he wants.

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