NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Not Trading Matt Flynn

Despite the high price the Seattle Seahawks will have to pay for keeping Matt Flynn on their roster as a projected backup to Russell Wilson, the change in the NFL trade market and demand for the players thanks to other deals being made has changed and reduced their eagerness to try and deal the player away.

Flynn was possibly the hottest name on the the trading block when the season ended after starting his Seahawks career as a would-be starter only to fall behind Russell Wilson in training camp and not do anything meaningful all season based on his college career and his final game of the season in 2011 with the Green Bay Packers.

But time has passed, Alex Smith got traded and the spots for a quarterback who wants to be a starter aren’t plentiful. The Arizona Cardinals, the Cleveland Browns, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets. The Cardinals are a division rival which might make things complicated; the Jets can’t afford Flynn, and the Browns might eventually go with Brandon Weeden as their starter. I’m not too sure anyone wants to go and play in Jacksonville at the moment, or that Jacksonville have any idea of where they want to go in the quarterback direction.

While there is no doubt that Flynn’s trade value is diminishing and so is the eagerness to trade him by the Seahawks’ front office (maybe in order to still draw in some offers), his $5.25 million salary for next season is a heavy blow to take for a guy who isn’t likely to take a single meaningful snap all season, although the Seahawks won’t be the only team in the league paying a lot of money for quarterback insurance. It’ll probably take a good offer to draw him away from Seattle, who are coming to realize they aren’t likely to get one.

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