NFL Rumors – St. Louis Rams Still Interested in Daryl Smith

Daryl Smith Jags

A little bit earlier in the free agency period, it looked like the St. Louis Rams might make a move for former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker, Daryl Smith. Time has passed since his visit and nothing has really come out of it, although it seems the interest is back on for both sides, and might finally be completed for both sides after the NFL draft.

Smith, and outside linebacker who can also play in the middle and is better as a run stopper than pass rusher has been with the Jaguars from 2004, hardly missing a start or game through his first 8 years with the team before a disappointing 2012, in which he missed the first six games of the season, not getting to start once in the nine games he did get to play in.

The team’s all time leader in tacklers, Smith also has 21.5 sacks and one touchdown return off a fumble in his career. He still expects to be paid like a premier starter despite his age (31) and the disappointing season he went through, causing the rift between him and the Rams after his visit.

But there are signs the Rams are flexible, knowing they need someone to fill the position either way, and Smith is probably the best option left on the table from the remaining free agents. Chris Long, a defensive end, has recently re-structured his deal so the Rams will have a bit more freedom to pursue remaining free agents for necessary positions.

The bottom line though is the draft. If the Rams find what they need in the early rounds for the OLB position, Smith will have to look for another team. Going after other players might mean that the veteran will finally get a deal that should have happened weeks ago done.