NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos, Mark Sanchez, Paxton Lynch & Choosing a Starting QB

Paxton Lynch, Mark Sanchez

The Denver Broncos are two games into the preseason, two games away from the regular season. There is still a competition for the starting quarterback position. Mark Sanchez is the obvious favorite, maybe simply as an experienced default option. But rookie Paxton Lynch is giving him a good fight, and Trevor Siemian could end up winning the job as well, although that does seem like a long shot.

The depth chart right now:

  1. Sanchez
  2. Siemian
  3. Lynch

But Gary Kubiak keeps saying it’s open, and that the rookie out of Memphis is going to give the more experienced players, even Sanchez who seemed like a lock for the #1 QB job the moment he was signed.

The Broncos have so far played two preseason games, beating the Chicago Bears 22-0, and losing 31-24 to the San Francisco 49ers.

Sanchez has thrown for 219 yards, completing 20-of-30 passes, throwing one touchdown pass and one interception, posting a passer rating of 85.2.

Siemian has thrown for 163 yards, completing 17-of-26 throws, tossing 0 touchdowns and one interception, good enough for a passer rating of 66.7.

Lynch has completed 21-of-33 passes, throwing for 187 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating is 86.3.

Conclusion? While Lynch has slightly outplayed everyone, he has also faced easier competition and defenses. In order for him to actually win the starting quarterback position, he’ll need Sanchez to do a lot worse, and himself to do a lot better.