NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getting Closer to Darrelle Revis

As times goes by, it seems more and more evident that the New York Jets are going to move Darrelle Revis. Where to? Preferably the NFC, and for now, it looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the team that need him the most, and are the closest to get him as well.

Revis doesn’t mind who and where he plays for. He just wants a team that is willing to give him a $15 million per season contract, making him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. That simple. When you keep hearing you’re the best corner in the NFL, you start acting like one, and expect to get paid like one.

The San Francisco 49ers, because of their need for a lock-down corner (who doesn’t, actually), but more importantly their 14 draft picks to use for trade reasons, looked like the initial favorites to land Revis. However, the Bucs, who had the worst pass defense in the NFL last season; yes, even worst than the Saints had, are probably a bit more desperate to make promises and bigger offers to the Jets for the services of Revis, even if he hasn’t fully recuperated from his ACL tear just yet.

According to certain media sources, the Jets have already received an offer from the Bucs which they’re inclining to agree to, but still haven’t informed Revis of the situation, although just by keeping up with twitter he should be well informed. The only question now worth asking for the Jets – should they wait a little longer, for Revis to be healthy and hopefully get more for him, or take the discount price and not risk him not coming back the same way he was before the injury that made him miss most of the 2012 season.