NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pleasantly Surprised With Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston

The number one draft pick in the 2015 NFL draft, Jameis Winston, is only a few days into his NFL career, but he’s doing quite well in the short time he’s had to impress the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

General manager Jason Licht thinks Winston is ahead of the game in the little time he’s been at the Bucs’ rookie camp, feeling quite enthusiastic about what he’s been seeing: I told my wife, Blair, ‘I gave him an A. I thought it was a great day. He knew the offense already. He wasn’t overwhelmed. He was even a little ahead of the game. He was already trying to change protections. The coaches were like, ‘Wait up. Hold on.’ You’re right. But the other guys aren’t there yet.

Lovie Smith, the head coach, who had a very disappointing first season in which the Bucs won just twice, is feeling quite optimistic from what he’s seeing so far: He’s a leader. That’s a trait you’re looking for in your quarterback, a guy who can bring the group together. That’s definitely him.

Winston won praise for showing up early to rookie camp, giving himself the opportunity to introduce himself individually to each one of his teammates as they arrived. He still hasn’t been named the week 1 starter, but with him being the number one overall selection in the draft, it’s not really a question; not with what the Bucs had to offer last season.

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