NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stalling Darrelle Revis Trade

At this point, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem like the only team in the NFL willing to trade with the New York Jets for Darrelle Revis before the season begins, but even the Bucs, anxious to improve their secondary position, are stalling and waiting with their move, possibly waiting for the NFL draft to inch a bit closer in order to get a better read of what they can get with their first round pick.

For now, the main thing concerning their secondary is Eric Wright, who is owed $7.75 million next season. It used to be guaranteed, but his PED suspension from last season cost him the right to earn the money, meaning the Bucs are considering the option of letting him go.

However, according to the local media, they’re leaning towards keeping Wright. Despite his behavior and certain discipline issues, the Bucs need his skills and like what he has to offer on the field, hoping he can add a bit more on-field awareness and game smarts to his physical abilities next season, understanding that once he becomes a free agent, a bad year will mean a pretty mundane contract, unlike the two year deal he got from the Bucs in 2012.

As for Darrelle Revis, the Buccaneers wouldn’t mind giving up their first round pick for 2013, although the Jets would like to get more than just that, maybe even one from next year. While the details of who wants what continue to be murky, one thing is clear – unless the Buccaneers realize they’re not getting anything out of the ordinary with their number 13 pick, no one is going for Revis before he actually shows up at training camp and proves he’s over the ACL tear that cut his 2012 season short.

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