NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trading or Releasing Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis

Whether or not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are capable of finding a trading partner for Darrelle Revis, he isn’t going to be playing for them next season, as keeping him on for another season makes less and less sense financially.

Revis was signed on a huge, $16 million a season deal last year after he was traded to the Bucs from the Jets. He hasn’t played badly at all, but he hasn’t been a game changer which the highest contract for a cornerback suggests you’re going to get.

So the Bucs are trying to get a deal done with a time limit making it very difficult. There is one, mysteryious team interested in Revis, but it’s going to be very difficult making it happen because of his huge contract, which normally goes to either left tackles or franchise quarterbacks. As good as Revis might be, the moment the Bucs weren’t as hot on him as before, he became a hugely overpaid player.

So what’s the rush? Two things besides releasing $16 million from the salary cap the Bucs care about. One is a $1.5 million roster bonus due on Wednesday if he’s still on the team, and the other being the draft pick they send to the Jets in return.

If Revis is still on the team as of 4:01 Wednesday, the pick becomes a third round draft pick the Jets get from the Bucs. But if he’s released or traded somewhere, the Bucs will send a fourth round draft pick, so there’s more than just the financial benefit to this whole potential deal.

Revis had a good season individually, but the bad taste left from the whole Schiano ordeal makes him part of a bad memory from 2013. The Bucs don’t see him as someone worth that kind of money anymroe, and unless he suddenly decides to take a huge paycut (very unlikely), he isn’t going to be playing in Tampa Bay next year. The only thing remaining to decide is whether or not they get something in return for him.

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