NFL Rumors – Tennessee Titans & John Abraham Still Not a Done Deal

John Abraham Celebrates Sack

The Tennessee Titans want a veteran pass rusher, and John Abraham fits that bill in terms of ability, resume and the money he’s asking for. But a deal, which has been brewing for about a week or possibly longer, is yet to have been struck between the two sides for the 2013 season.

Why? It’s about snaps and importance, although that’s nothing you get to see in the contract. Abraham wasn’t pleased with the Atlanta Falcons cutting back on his time on the field last season, even though he did finish with 10 sacks in 2012. His injuries and age have slowed him down around the edge, which makes big plays tend to be followed by those in which Abrahma is completely dominated by the offensive line.

Abraham is still on the market because he’s looking for a team to give him around 60 snaps a game, which means he’ll hardly be taken off the field. The Titans, and the rest of the NFL, are viewing Abraham, and the rest of the pass-rushing veterans who have been left without a team, as someone who should be on the field for about 30-40% of the snaps, needing enough rest between plays to get some rest, remain fresh and effective.

For now, this is the issue, which is also about money. Abraham expects to play like a starter, and get paid like one. The Titans don’t want to use him that much, or pay him that much. It’s going to be hard to find any team around the NFL willing to take Abraham or anyone with his kind of mileage, at this point of the off-season, and give hi a deal that’s significantly higher than the veteran’s minimum most “desperate” players are willing to take at this point.

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