NFL Rumors – Vince Young Still Thinking of a Comeback

Vince Young

One day Vince Young will make a great story about an NFL star who shone brightly but probably too fast and too soon before his career fell apart into broken pieces. Despite not playing for over two seasons, the former Pro Bowl quarterback hasn’t given up on playing for someone once again.

Young spoke to the Houston Chronicle, saying that his financial issues and bankruptcy case are settled and he’s ready to once again train to get himself in shape for a team to sign him, working out in San Diego.

Young will be 31 next May. He was signed by the Buffalo Bills in the offseason leading up to the 2012 NFL season but was released before it began. The same story repeated itself last year with the Packers, with Young lasting less than four weeks in Green Bay before getting the cut. The last time he played in the NFL was 2011, filling in with the Eagles for an injured Michael Vick.

The third overall pick in the 2006 draft following leading Texas to the national championship over USC, Young did very well for Tennessee in the early years, leading them to the playoffs in 2007, winning offensive rookie of the year in 2006 and making the Pro Bowl twice (2006-2009); he has an impressive 30-17 record as a starter for the Titans, but he and Jeff Fisher never really got along, with things becoming worse as time went by.

Young has always been criticized for not being a very accurate passer, although his career numbers of 57.9% aren’t that bad, especially for someone who is much more than just a pocket passer. What has gotten him into trouble during his early year which eventually led to the Titans giving up on him has been his alleged work ethic and attitude in training, with many claiming he simply doesn’t have the drive to put the work and effort needed to succeed as an NFL quarterback over the long run.

His chances of coming back aren’t that great, but Young was good enough to find someone to sign him, at least for a short while, over the last two years. Maybe if he’s made the right kind of changes, some team can find a place for him as a second or third string quarterback.

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