NFL Trade Rumors – Tim Tebow to Jacksonville Jaguars

There’s no denying that up until now, the arrival of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets has been a pretty massive failure. Not because of him, but because he isn’t getting any chance, while Mark Sanchez keeps on holding to the starting job. A team in desperate need of pretty much anything, including quarterback, are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tebow has taken less than 10 snaps this season, completing two of three passing attempts, while mostly utilized as a blocker or in certain running schemes that simply don’t fit his style at all. He has 23 yards on 8 rushing attempts, getting six first downs. From a starting quarterback that led his team to the playoffs last season to a third-down back.

Tebow, according to certain rumors, is furious and feels he’s been lied to about his role. There’s no wildcat or anything to suggest that the Jets want him behind center. He was traded to New York right after Mark Sanchez got an extension on his contract, and while the 3-5 Jets are struggling offensively, ranked 26th in the NFL with 207.6 rushing yards per game, Rex Ryan keeps repeating that Sanchez is his guy. Tebow? He’s there to plug holes, but his presence probably doesn’t add to the confidence of his starting quarterback.

In comes into play Jacksonville, a team that is dead last in the NFL with only 250.9 yards of offense each game, with a record that’s tied for worst in the NFL of 1-6. The only good thing about them this season was Maurice Jones-Drew, but his injury has made them completely useless, so it seems. Blaine Gabbert is often referred to as the worst quarterback in the NFL, completing 55.6% of his passes for 1209 yards, 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. If there’s a rebuilding process going on, it’s hard to identify it.

Their owner wants to make them a big team. A popular team. While the main idea is moving the Jags from Florida to somewhere else, that isn’t happening at the moment. Right now, all he can do is upgrade this squad, and by getting Tim Tebow, he’ll also make it a team worth talking about. For the wrong reasons maybe, but it’ll definitely get everyone’s attention.

According to Action News Jacksonville, the Jaguars are making a play to trade for Tebow before the trade deadline this Thursday. Problem is, nothing coming from the Jets front office might suggest that. It seems more like something that fits the situation of both organizations instead of something that might actually happen. The Jets might not start using Tebow right now, but Sanchez can’t continue to struggle and be bad without eventually losing his place. There are still enough people (maybe not Rex Ryan) who see Tebow as the man stepping in for him.

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