Nicolas Anelka – Jew Hating Nazi Supporter or Simply Stupid?

Nicolas Anelka

Racism isn’t dead, and the same goes for antisemitism, or a disgusting sentiment towards Nazism and Adolf Hitler. Nicolas Anelka proved he part of this dangerous movement, celebrating a goal by doing the la quenelle gesture, known as the reverse Nazi salute.

The English FA has already announced it’ll investigate the gesture. Anelka’s manager at West Brom, Keith Downing, has denied any antisemitic connections and that Anelka himself is quite surprised by the reaction.

Dieudonne M’bala M’bala is a well known antisemitic French comedian, popularizing the reverse gesture among his supporters. They preform it during his shows, and they love taking pictures performing the gesture next to Jewish establishments around Europe. There have also been pictures of this being done in Israel as the Western Wall, even standing next to Israeli soldiers.

It’s been a terrible season for Anelka since coming back to the Premier to play for West Brom, not scoring a single goal for the team and struggling with injuries before their visit to West Ham.

At Upton Park, Anelka scored twice, but probably caused himself a lot of trouble by showing his true colors, which turn out to be supporting a proven Jew hating “comedian” and actually supporting those opinions.

Maybe Anelka will deny his intentions. He’ll say that this is simply an anti-establishment “salute” and has nothing to do with hatred or the Nazi doctrine. However, there’s a very good chance that he isn’t that dumb, and he knew quite well what he was doing, which in that case he deserves to be banned from the sport for life, and get himself thrown into a jail cell.

Maybe Anelka didn’t know what it means? Maybe he’s friends with Dieudonne and is a supporter of anti-establishment notions, nothing more? You can never know, but from everything we’ve learned about this alarmingly rising phenomenon, Anelka knew exactly what he’s doing. Maybe Anelka missed some history classes, but the Nazis weren’t exactly big fans of people with black skin color.