Odell Beckham Stopping Bill Cosby – Best Meme of the Year

Beckham & Cosby Meme

Even if you’re not an NFL fan, you’ve probably heard or come across Odell Beckham making what is considered the best catch of all-time. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the allegations against Bill Cosby, alleging¬†he has raped and sexually assaulted women for years.

Beckham, a New York Giants receiver, made an incredible, matrix-like reception for a touchdown in a game that the Giants lost in to the Dallas Cowboys. Still, Beckham’s catch grabbed most of the headlines, and generated more memes than anything else during that weekend.

While Beckham was “breaking the internet” (a term used too loosely these days by anyone trying to force some hype upon us), Bill Cosby has been an item for quite some time for all the wrong reasons. Someone who has been often mentioned as the greatest stand-up comic of all-time and created one of the most popular TV shows ever is now regarded as a sexual deviant, a criminal, who is getting away with it simply because the things he did happened too long ago.

The only time one of the allegations against him turned into something more, it was settled outside the court. One might see it as an admission of guilt, but others can view it as an attempt to avoid going to trial. While the reports and testimonies from the women coming out seem to have a pattern forming, it’s another case of man being found guilty by the media and a big part of the public before the courts have anything to say.

So how does Beckham fit in? By stopping the pill from falling into the glass of course. If it is what actually happened.