2016 NFL Season – Which Teams Are Using the Franchise Tag

Of the ten teams who used the franchise tag for the 2016 season while hoping to get a long term contract signed instead, just the Washington Redskins used it on a quarterback, holding on to Kirk Cousins for a price they hope they won’t have to actually pay him once they get a deal secured.

Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tucker (Kicker)

Justin Tucker

Almost every big moment last season for the Ravens had something to do with Tucker, whose tag value is $4.572 million, which means the Ravens can theoretically waive a long term deal and tag him again next season. He’ll probably be looking to make at least the $4.3 million a season Stephen Gostkowski is making with the Patriots.

Buffalo Bills, Cordy Glenn (Left Tackle)

Cordy Glenn

Glenn is tagged for $13.706 million, although the Bills are pushing to lower his cap number with a long term deal. Releasing Mario Williams helps their 2016 cap flexibility, but they’re going to need more than just that.

Carolina Panthers, Josh Norman (Cornerback)

Josh Norman

One of the least surprising franchise tags in this cycle, Norman being tagged by the Panthers means a value of $13.952 million. Right now, there seems to be a $2 million per season difference between Norman and the Panthers, as he’s looking to get paid around $14 million a season, putting him alongside Darrelle Revis, Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman.

Chicago Bears, Alshon Jeffery (Wide Receiver)

Alshon Jeffery

Tagging Jeffery means a $14.599 million salary in 2016, unless they work something out long term. Right now, Jeffery and his reps are looking for $14 million a season (something five other receivers make on average per annum), while the Bears, for now, aren’t willing to go that high.

Denver Broncos, Von Miller (Linebacker)

Von Miller

The franchise tag number on Miller is $14.129 million, as both sides are looking to work something long term out. Hard to believe it won’t happen eventually, although with Miller probably aiming for that Justin Houston money ($16.8 million a season) it might take a bit longer than some expected it to.

Kansas City Chiefs, Eric Berry (Safety)

Eric Berry

The cap number on Berry right now is $10.8 million, something the Chiefs won’t be happy to live with in 2016, which means there’s going to be some real urgency in lowering that number to around $9 million a season with a long term deal. For a moment, it looked like despite Berry’s incredible comeback season and the Chiefs patience with him, the two sides were willing to say goodbye to each other.

Los Angeles Rams, Trumaine Johnson (Cornerback)

Trumaine Johnson

The choice for the Rams was between Johnson and Janoris Jenkins. They took the 26 year old Johnson, who has 15 interceptions over the last four seasons. The cap hit on the franchise tag is $13.952 million but it’s hard to believe that the two sides, heading into the season of going back to Cali (Johnson is a California native), won’t find the right number to settle on long term.

Miami Dolphins, Olivier Vernon (Defensive End)

Olivier Vernon

Unsurprising to say the least, putting a $12.734 million price tag on Vernon. However, the Dolphins used the transition tag, which means teams can negotiate with him, while the Dolphins have the right to offer. There’s plenty of cap space around the league for good defensive ends, which could mean he ends up making more than $13 million a season.

New York Jets, Muhammad Wilkerson (Defensive End)

Muhammad Wilkerson

The Wilkerson franchise tag is worth $15.7 million, and he’ll be looking to make something along the lines of Marcel Dareus, who got $43 million in guaranteed money and $15.8 million a season with his $95.1 million contract. At the moment, it seems more likely he’ll play in 2016 under the franchise tender, because the two sides are very far apart in negotiations.

Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins (Quarterback)

Kirk Cousins

A franchise tag on Cousins means $19.953 million in 2016, but the Redskins don’t plan on paying him that much any time soon. At the moment, the two sides are very far apart, but if he’s the franchise quarterback for them, it’s hard to believe he’ll slip away. The deadline to make a deal is July 15, and these negotiations are going to take a long time to complete.

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