Panthers vs Bengals – Tied Games Actually Happen in the NFL

Panthers vs Bengals

For the third straight season we have ourselves a rare occurrence: A tie in an NFL game. The Carolina Panthers and the Cincinnati Bengals ended their clash with a 37-37 score after overtime, as Mike Nugent missed a field goal that could have won the game, instead making it a walk-off miss, leaving everyone happy and disappointed all at once.

Only a 36-yarder, but asking someone to make two field goals in one overtime? Probably a bit much. Nugent hit one from 42 yards to open the extra period, but the Panthers came back with Graham Gano hitting one from 36 yards. A sour feeling in the mouths of everyone, especially the Bengals who have now failed to win in two consecutive games while the Baltimore Ravens and even the Cleveland Browns pose a serious threat to worry about.

Cam Newton threw one interception but enjoyed what was probably his best game this season, throwing for 284 yards and running 107, once again being most of the offense for his team, that can’t do much without him. He threw two touchdown passes and ran for another. His interception almost proved to be too costly as the Bengals scored what almost turned out to be a winning field goal off of it in the fourth quarter, but Graham Gano hit the equalizer, not for the first time, as time expired.

Andy Dalton had himself a mistake-filled affair with two interceptions in the third quarter after just one through the first four games of the season. He completed two passes for touchdowns, while Giovani Bernard ran for 137 yards on 18 carries with one touchdown himself. The Bengals lost a seven point lead in the third quarter due to Dalton’s mistakes, with the Panthers scoring twice, including once on the next drive following the interception.

The tie comes after the Vikings and Packers had themselves a draw last season and the 49ers and St. Louis Rams parted ways without a winner in the 2012 season. This leaves the Panthers on top of the NFC South, the only team above .500 in that division, while the Bengals are still the only team in the AFC North with just one loss, ahead of the 4-2 Ravens, 3-2 Browns and 3-3 Steelers.

The Bengals should see Vontaze Burfict suspended for al ong time. After making a failed tackle on Cam Newton, the linebacker tried twisting the banged up angle of Cam Newton, hoping to injure it again. Newton still isn’t 100% on that bad ankle, and Burfict tried to purposely inflict an injury that could have not just harmed Newton in this game, but for the future of this season or maybe his career.

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