People Care About the LeBron James Hairline Because He’s No Longer Popular

LeBron James Shaved Head

The only reason people seem to care so much about LeBron James and his receding hairline has to do with the popularity decline he suffered with the general sports fan the moment he staged ‘The Decision’ and signed with the Miami Heat. It’s the same reason that the sight of his shaved head is causing such a needless discussion and interest.

James was someone most were actually hoping to see win the NBA title and fulfill the promise that was attached to him the moment he entered the NBA, but that was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. When James was someone who won sympathy from the fans, it was as an underdog with the Cavs. When his team began finishing with the best record in the East while he earned MVP awards, there was a slight change. When he signed with the Miami Heat it was a complete turnaround.

So in an attempt to make him look as bad as possible, people started paying attention to his headband, and how it’s concealing the hairline that was rising and rising. That was why there was so much attention being paid to James and the moment he lost the headband against the San Antonio Spurs, and actually played better.

Some tried to give it a symbolic meaning; like the real LeBron James coming out of hiding. It probably didn’t mean anything, but people try to cling to anything when they’re trying to prove a point.

James isn’t nearly as hated when he was playing for the Miami Heat during his first season there, when it seemed like the entire NBA fanhood was joyous as he messed up in the NBA finals against the Dallas Mavercisks. Once you start winning rings, the hate starts fading away. But the interest in foolish things doesn’t. So James and his shaved head are actually news in the NBA offseason.

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