Perfect Cartoon of Robert Lewandowski Stabbing Jurgen Klopp in the Back

Lewandowski & Klopp cartoon

The goal Robert Lewandowski scored to give Bayern Munich a small 1-0 win over Borussia Dortmund doesn’t make that much of a difference in the mostly decided German Bundesliga, but it completed the cycle of a star leaving Dortmund and it’s highly popular manager after he “discovered” them.

Who knows, maybe Lewandowski would have become a star without Klopp and Dortmund, but the facts and history cannot be changed. Lewandowski was signed by Dortmund from a Polish club (Lech Poznan). He didn’t star right away, but by his second season developed into one of the best in Germany.

In his third and fourth? He was one of the best in Europe, although made it quite clear he has no intention of staying with Dortmund. After two league titles and one Champions League final, the power, money and allure of Bayern Munich was too difficult for him to resist.

Lewandowski didn’t even help Dortmund make money. The German club refused to sell him to Bayern Munich, the only club Lewandowski was willing to go to (turned down an offer from Real Madrid). So he was signed on for free on the basis of his contract running out, with his departure just as painful as Mario Gotze’s, only not helping out Dortmund financially at all.

And his goal? It was the final twist of the sword as it seems Bayern have vanquished another contender for the throne. It may have lasted a year or two with some beautiful football but eventually, all things come to an end in the same way when you rise up to challenge Bayern Munich in Germany. They end up with the points, titles and probably your best players as well, while you’re left empty, bleeding and betrayed on the ground.

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