Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles in a Perfect, Record Breaking Game

Nick Foles

Maybe it’s going to take longer than half a season for Chip Kelly to revolutionize the Philadelphia Eagles, but it seems that choosing to go with Nick Foles is putting them on the right course, as the second-year quarterback tied the NFL record for passing touchdowns and seemed to take out all the frustration built up after two weeks of impotent offense on the poor Oakland Raiders.

The Eagles won 49-20 with Foles having a perfect game when it comes to passer rating (158.3), completing 22-of-28 passing for 406 yards and 7 touchdowns, caught by five different players: DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper (3), Zach Ertz, LeSean McCoy and Brian Celek. Thing worked so well for the Eagles that they gave Matt Barkely another chance to prove he has a future with this franchise and in the NFL, getting a few times to throw the ball around.

So how did Foles do on a historic level? Sid Luckman, Adrian Burk, George Blanda, Y.A. Tittle, Peyton Manning and Joe Kapp are the previous players with 7 quarterback passes. Foles tied the record in the middle of the third quarter, the first to ever do that, but after unsuccessfully leading the Eagles to nothing on two consecutive drives, Chip Kelly decided it was time to give up on history and think about the future.

Oakland Raiders

Foles is only the third in this group to throw this many touchdown passes but not a single interception; Manning in week 1 and Tittle from 1962 accomplished the feat before him. He threw as many touchdowns in one game as Eagles quarterbacks had thrown in their previous six games combined and as many as the Eagles’ offense had generated in their previous four games combined, and completed one more touchdown pass than he had incompletions.

Through this day alone, Foles had more touchdown passes than the Jaguars (four), Vikings (six) and Raiders (seven) scored all season. The Raiders tried pressuring him, but it didn’t really matter what coverage he was seeing. He finished with 17-of-22 against standard pressure, and was 5-of-6 for 49 yards and three touchdowns against the Blitz. And even though the Raiders entered the game as one of the best teams in the NFL against the deep pass, Foles was 8-of-10 on throws for 15 yards or longer, getting 256 yards and four touchdown passes.

DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper had big days – Cooper caught three touchdown passes and had 139 yards; Jackson caught one touchdown pass and had 150 yards. It’s the first time Eagles teammates to have 130 receiving yards in the same game since Terrell Owens (161 yards) and Brian Westbrook (156) did it in a 47-17 win over the Packers on December 5, 2004.

On the other side, it was quite the rough day for the Raiders – Terrelle Pryor threw two interceptions and the team did a very bad job in almost every aspect, getting to Foles only twice during the game, and even then causing a loss of only five yards in the process.

A couple people came up to me and said that I tied the record with seven touchdowns. It’s a great honor. Hats off to our guys for doing a great job. Every defense the past couple of weeks has been stopping us. So today we were kind of feeling bottled up and we released everything. It’s tough when you’re not winning and you’re not putting points up.

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