Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles With the Best Passer Rating Month in NFL History

Nick Foles

If an endorsement from Michael Vick saying Nick Foles should be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t enough, than maybe his passer rating during the month of November; 152.8, the highest for any calendar month in NFL history, will do it.

The Eagles, 6-5, have won five of their last seven games, including all three in the month of November, the month Chip Kelly decided that it’s time to end any quarterback controversy and simply give Foles the keys to the team. It might not mean that he’s the man who is going to be the face of the Eagles for the next decade or so, but all signs are indicating that he’s got a better shot than anyone.

How well has he been doing recently? After being shaken up in the loss to the Dallas Cowboys and not playing in another loss to the New York Giants, Foles found himself back in the lineup, facing favorable competition, and making the most of it.

It began with a 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders, a day that Foles made NFL history by throwing 7 touchdown passes. He finished with 22-of-28 for 406 passing yards and a passer rating of 158.3.

The next game wasn’t as plentiful in touchdowns, but the Eagles made the most of facing a Green Bay Packers team that’s without Aaron Rodgers. Foles was only 12-of-18, but threw for 218 yards, three touchdown passes and finished with a passer rating of 149.3.

Last but not least, before heading into the bye week that saved him from any kind of numbers dip, was a win over the sad and sinking Washington Redskins, 24-16. Foles was 17-of-26 for 298 yards. He didn’t throw any touchdown passes, but he didn’t make any big mistakes either, finishing with a passer rating of 104.3.

There were many against Foles after playing for almost half the season late last year, not doing too well on a broken team. His lack of mobility doomed his chances in the Chip Kelly offense. However, Kelly himself said again and again that it’s not about being able to run, but about being able to make plays happen. Foles is doing that, and suddenly winning over even the staunchest of critics, although it’s not against top quality competition.