Pilo From America-SP With the Worst Penalty of All Time

Sometimes, you make history by doing the worst thing possible, just like Pilo, who plays for America-SP of the Campeonato Paulista Serie A3, managing to kick what is probably the first backwards penalty kick as his team lost to Votuporanguense 2-0.

Backwards doesn’t mean scoring a goal with his heel. He tried to kick it like every other player in the world approaches a penalty kick, only he slipped just before the shot, managing to send the ball sideways and backwards as he was falling down.

Infamy is just as memorable as something positive, especially if it’s something you can laugh about in a few years from now. Making a fool of yourself on the football pitch when it’s a lower division match while not really hurting anyone is definitely something worth putting a smile on your face, even if you’re the butt of the joke.