Premier League Referees Still Don’t Know What an Offside is (Arsenal vs Manchester United)

In the end, it didn’t really matter. Manchester United equalized through Robin van Persie, but there wouldn’t have been a need for that if the opening Arsenal goal, scored by Theo Walcott, in a clear and blatant offside position, would have been disallowed, which was what Phil Dowd should have done.

But once again, too slow in their feet and their thought linesmen can’t keep with the pace of the match, and therefore can’t be expected to keep up with an extremely fast player like Theo Walcott. Tomas Rosicky’s pass was perfect, but still, Walcott was a feet or two offside, giving Arsenal an opening goal that shouldn’t have stood.

Theo Walcott Gif

United don’t care, but Arsenal, and the teams chasing the Champions League spots alongside them, do. FIFA and everyone else are satisfying the masses by choosing to show their for technology, goal line technology.

Meanwhile, while the justice will be done once every three or four months thanks to this relevation, the offsides and other easily fixed situations, including penalties and fouls referees have missed, will continue to plague the game because football decides to stay behind, and simply spit in the face of its fans, players, managers and everyone involved, deserving justice instead of the random decision making of its officials.

Theo Walcott